Delivery in Lithuania

After goods are ordered and paid for online, the buyer can choose one of the three ways of delivery:

Delivery via DPD,  courier: from door to door. Courier brings the goods straight to your home or other specified location. All goods that are in the online store can be delivered using this method.

Choosing DPD courier service costs the additional 3.50€ up to 35€.  Free of charge when buying for more than 35€.

Pick up from the DPD PickUp points located in almost every bigger town. 
Choosing DPD PickUp, service costs the additional 2.50€ when the purchase is up to 35€. Free of charge when the order is more than 35€.

To ensure the highest shipping and product quality, we deliver the items according to the order details listed below:

From Monday till Thursday, the goods, ordered and paid for later than 14:00, are shipped on the next day and delivered within 1-3 working days.
If the order is placed and paid for from Friday till Sunday, it is shipped on Monday and delivered within 1-3 working days.

For all the issues that arise in Lithuania you can contact us by email or by telephone: +370 66 77 35 77.

In case of inaccuracies in the address provided by you, we cannot take responsibility for lost shipments.
Parcel insurance service is not yet provided. We are not responsible for goods damaged or lost during delivery.

We can also deliver our goods to this countries via DPD:

Country DPD home delivery (€) DPD Pickup points (€) Delivery time (working days)
Austria 24.99 23.99 4
Belgium 21.99 20.99 4
Croatia 32.98   5
Czech Republic 21.99   3
Denmark 24.99 23.99 4
Estonia 7.99 6.99 1-2
Finland 22.99 21.99 3
France 29.98 28.99 5
Germany 21.99 20.99 4
Hungary 24.99   4
Ireland 29.98   5
Italy 30.98   5
Latvia 5.99 4.49 1
Luxembourg 24.99 23.99 5
Netherlands 24.99 23.99 4
Poland 17.99 16.99 2
Portugal 30.98 29.98 6
Romania 32.98   5
Slovakia 21.99   3
Slovenia 29.98   5
Spain 30.98 29.98 5
Sweden 29.98 28.99 4
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